A software engineer, sailor, simplicity-lover, and occasional thought-haver otherwise known as Josh


You’ve reached the great abyss known as @klardotsh’s website. Things are very much under construction at the moment, sorry about that. Some day, likely after I’ve attempted and failed to enact global peace, I’ll have this page actually fleshed out and looking useful. Probably. Maybe.

Who am I? What’s my deal?

headshot of yours truly

I’m Josh. I write software and/or torment servers for a living and to some extents as a hobby. I admire simplicity, modularity, entropy, whimsy, ethics, empathy, and human-scale spaces and systems. I sail boats, I volunteer with STEM education programs, I ride bikes, I occasionally dabble with music production, and I am known to embrace the rain and gloom and scenery and coffee of the Pacific Northwest. I am also known to shout my disdain for systems of oppression, the state of modern computing (particularly its privacy-disrespecting and hypercapitalist aspects), cars and the policies written for them, and hot weather.

If you need to contact me, josh at this domain is a working email address, or you can holler at me in more ephemeral form on Merveilles, a Mastodon community.

About this site

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