Various Useful Snippets

This is an unordered mess of various snippets I find useful. These often live in my shell history, retrieved and tweaked to taste with Ctrl-R. I share them here in hopes they’re useful to you, too, or also so that I can retrieve them when my shell history inevitably gets wiped every so often.

Create a rootless Distrobox container that grants access to any /dev entries the host user has access to

This assumes the use of podman v3.2+ (4.5 is current at time of writing) and that crun is installed. The usecase here is for ensuring USB devices, for example webcams, act the same in the container as they would on the host. I ran into this while trying to figure out why Discord and Zoom couldn’t see my webcam in their respective containers.

distrobox create \
    -n discord \
    --image \
    -p --yes \
    --additional-flags "--runtime /usr/bin/crun --group-add keep-groups" \
    --home ~/.distrobox/discord