Living Thoughts

This is somewhat of a wiki section. On this page you’ll find various small- to medium-sized thoughts, which may change or even be removed at any time in the future, that I haven’t yet split out to their own pages (and may never bother!), alongside links to longer-form thoughts that are liable to evolve over time (and as such, aren’t fit for a blog post which is written once and then, generally, not modified later).

Everything on this page or any linked sub-pages should be considered fully opinion. I may or may not choose to cite any references to back up claims made on this page. If you want Actual Journalism Or A Hobbyist Equivalent Thereof, check out my blog, where you will still be disappointed, but will find footnotes to extend my rambles into proper Thoughts.

… that were so long, they warranted their own page:

… on the weather:

… on so many buzzwords they don’t even fit in this heading:

The following buzzwords (or applications thereof) are all absolute bullshit. Fuck you, personally, if you contribute to the overzealous hypermarketing of these things to chase trends and/or in spite of a lack of supporting evidence and/or in spite of evidence demonstrating their harms: